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Monday, November 19th,  6:00 P.M.

Cox’s Auction House


Corner Cupboard, 8 ft Oak Mantle, Victrola Floor Model Windup Record Player, Depression Dining Room Set, Glass Front Bookcase, Depression Dressers, Cherry Hutch, Maple Dressers, Oak Dresser, Oak Rockers, Stands, Wall Clocks, OG Kitchen Clock, Regulator Clocks, Prints, Hendrix Bird Cage & Stand, Tin Types, Pocket Watches, Steel Planes, Sinker Molds, Silver Plated Flatware, Mill Wrights Level, Cranberry Lamp, Jewelry, Benches, Glassware, School Desks, Cast Iron Dog, Reverse Paintings, Buck Bros. Chisels, P-LE Railroad Lantern, Morgan Silver Dollars, Silver Quarters, Year Sets, Mint Sets, Dome Trunks, Cast Iron Garden Set, Many Toys New in box: Muppets, ET, Best of the West, Star Wars, 007, Small Solders, Disney, Indian Jones, Howdy Doody, Lamp Chop, and many other Items of Collectible Interest.

Plus:  Wicker Patio Furniture, Tools, Kitchen Items, and Many other Clean Household Items.


Early bird walk about auction begins in back room at 5:00pm.



Terms:  Cash, Known Check, Credit Card




Wednesday, November 21st, 5:00 pm

Cox's Auction House


Winchester 94 .30 W.C.F, Remington 7600 .243, Remington 700 .30-06, Remington 721 .30-.06, Stevens 22 Hornet, Marlin 336 .30-.30, Remington Field master .22, Shot guns, Ammunition, Crossbow, Prints, Knives, Hunting Clothes, and Many other Hunting Items. 

Plus – Hand Tools – Electric Tools and More.


Watch for Listing and Pictures as Auction gets Closer!


Terms:  Cash, Known Check, Credit Card



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